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 Children Art Programs  Be Creative   Get Messy  Have Fun  3-7yrs 

Ms. Laura has experience working with adults and children providing hands-on art workshops and lessons. Recent Artist Assistant in the Learning Through Art program with the Guggenheim, teaches at elementary schools and involved in various art communities. Contact: laura@paintbugs.com 


Create memorable experiences combining visual, touch, association and analyzing.

Connect existing works with personal artwork made by children to further understand elements.

Careful observation, engaging, thinking and interpreting through a process.

Empower, educate and encourage creativity by getting messy and having fun.

Art taught at all levels - no previous art lessons/classes required.



"All the moms really like your concepts and how you teach." 

"Ms. Laura - I never painted on a canvas until I took your lesson." 

"She grabbed the color chart you guys worked on today and said “Let’s make orange!”. She then grabbed one red and one yellow. It was awesome!"

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